Interim Management

Every business case is unique by definition: merging two teams or two companies, experiencing outsourcing for the first time or simply willing to back-fill a role while deciding on a longer term strategy. Nevertheless, there are a few principles that apply across most situations: a robust due diligence, constant adjustment of the direction with key stakeholders, bringing visibility through project management and communication, ensuring that every decision fits with the company strategy and culture. The intervention has to ensure a long-lasting positive effect on the business.

  • Mission scope definition

  • Due diligence (5-10 days)

  • Scope adjustment if needed

  • Weekly or bi-weekly report and follow up

  • Closing, wrap-up and hand over

My toolbox consists of a comprehensive mix of people development and process optimization interventions. In addition to 15 years of leadership experience, Coaching tools help engaging individuals and teams while 6 Sigma and project management skills will ensure ideas come to plan and plans are executed.



My approach is simple and transparent: I share my knowledge, my experience and my skills with the humble yet ambitious goal: when I leave the company, the teams are better prepared, have developed a strong team spirit and perform better than ever.